ABCDyson Engineer's is a honest reliable service, recycling your old dyson vacuum and save Landfill and Waiting to get into the tips. 

Something about why i started

After the price of things started to go up because of the war in Ukraine and Russia, i decided i needed more money to pay the bills and things, although im disabled and spend a lot of time incapacitated with pain and weakness because of my accident. i knew that with my electrical and mechanical engineering experience i could start to recycle, refurb and service Dyson vacuums. So inbetween pain i have been able to Recycle, Refurb and Service old Dyson's. This saves old Dyson's from going to the landfill site, and save people queuing to get into the tip. I buy or recieve Dyson's for free and then try them and see what the matter is with them, i then strip down the parts until everything is laid out, i strip the screws out of the cyclones and renew gaskets if needed on certain models, then remove the dust that has got stuck because of damp to the inside of the cyclone, when others just blow the cyclone out with air the stuck solid dried dust can not be removed, i've tried this and then stripped the cyclone in a video. You can see the amount that stays solid, blocking the path of air through the cyclone, causing a restriction and no smooth flow. Also with the gasket broken the air can be directed all over with different pressures and not having equal efficient air flow in the cyclones. All vacs are cleaned, sanitized and polished, fitted with brand new filters and new motors or what ever else needs repairing or replacing. The chosen vac can be seen with pictures and a video, if asked for, so you can see the vac picking up and you can decide which one you want to buy. i can then for a fee maybe deliver your new refurbed vac and collect your old broken, worn out, well used and loved Dyson. dependant on area where you live and distance. I have the right to refuse delivery. Don't forget i'm disabled and sometimes i cant get out of bed let alone deliver vacuums.

So if you want a proper recycled,
 refurbed and serviced Dyson vacuum
 contact me via the contact form on this website.